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Changing the Story: Reconceptualizing the Homewood Community's Brand Identity

One story was being told about the community of Homewood: one of crime and poverty. We wanted to change the conversation and share the stories of Homewood’s passionate business owners.

We created a plan to put Homewood residents in better control of the stories being told; allowing business owners, community leaders and residents, and youth, to employ traditional and social media storytelling strategies in their community.



  • Developed a conceptual community brand identity

  • Created a"Hearts of Homewood" video series that promotes business owners as well as encourages the community and Pittsburgh to support and embrace entrepreneurship in Homewood

  • Published a "Change the Story" guide and workshop giving business owners the resources needed to develop, distribute and manage effective communication and storytelling strategies that will lead to a shift in perception and eventually increased business

  • Compiled a media kit of story ideas about Homewood businesses and residents sent out to Pittsburgh media


  • Our team won the IABC Gold Quill Merit Award for this project in April 2016

“The winning work in this year’s program demonstrates these traits and truly reflects a world class standard. It is the pinnacle of achievement in communication,” said Lancucki. “It’s not just about the latest technology or the creativity of campaign materials, but the impact the work has on the business need. “Gold Quill winners are communication practitioners who are living testament to IABC’s mission, that communication can be a force for good in business and society. They deliver strategic impact for their organizations and clients, taking communication to the next level.”

-Monika Lancucki, ABC, Chair of the IABC Awards Committee

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